01. Louise is a [consistent] player; we can always count on her to have a good game.
02. Brent is our most [consistent] scorer, averaging at least one goal or assist per game.
03. Your son has been [consistently] late for class for the last two weeks. What's going on?
04. There is a noticeable lack of [consistency] in his work. One day he does really well, and then the next day he can't seem to get anything done.
05. Paul is an [inconsistent] performer; one day he's great, and the next he's terrible.
06. The plans he has set out don't seem [consistent] with our original discussions.
07. Frank has been [consistently] on time every day ever since his boss warned him about being late.
08. Aldous Huxley once remarked that the only completely [consistent] people are the dead.
09. [Consistency] is often the most neglected part of people's efforts to become more fit.
10. This student is [consistently] finished her work before the others in the class.
11. The pollution levels in this area do not fluctuate much, and are [consistently] below the danger level.
12. The number of people who come to the drop-in yoga class is very [inconsistent]. On some days they only have two or three people, and on other days there are over thirty.
13. I'm a little concerned about the [inconsistency] in our sales figures over the last few months.
14. A hypothesis is supported if new data are [consistent] with the prediction of the hypothesis.
15. There are some [inconsistencies] in your essay on corporal punishment that you need to correct.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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